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Mici writes: "I had a very fun English Conversation class today....I decided to talk about Diana's Chiguiro experience.....I thought it might be funny to discuss but maybe I started off wrong by describing it as a big rodent (it is, isn't it?) when I looked up they were all horrified - ha,ha,ha I haven't laughed so hard in a while.....after the initial shock wore off that my sister was eating rodents, I was bombarded with questions. Why??? was the most common, but also Was she poor? Was there nothing else to eat?
I tried tirelessly to explain it was her choice, and maybe if they weren't all Tibetan they could have understood (I'm sure Indians would have been a little more into it). I tried explaining it really wasn't that ugly, rather cute - I don't think that helped either. Before the situation got out of control (they were calling out to their friends in other discussion groups, oh it was bad - Diana if you ever come in the future, I'm sure they will offer you a 'decent' meal as one of them said) I changed the topic quickly ha,ha maybe that was the wrong group to discuss Diana's culinary adventures with but to be honest I don't see the need to eat a rodent- willingly and knowingly, so I have to agree with them on this one. Oh boy, funny stuff -strange world isn't it? I am trying my damnedest to keep rodents OUT of my food and Diana is happily feasting on them...."

Very interesting how radical notions of food and "non" food are and the reactions people have towards them. It's not like I ate a RAT! Well, in the same family perhaps but food is food especially when it delights the taste buds, mind you. In China rats, dogs, deer penis even human fetuses are eaten! Crikey, now that is disgusting -but to them it's business as usual. I think my little chiguiro is pretty harmless and makes a delectable dish.

I do wish I could have seen their faces though....haha! Monks in shock and awe! How cute...

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