OPA! Gyros

I first read about OPA! through Facebook. It must have been almost a year ago that the word "gyros" caught my eye on somebody's page and I thought: Greek food! I checked it out once but they were closing for the day. Still, the possibility of having a good gyro in Bogotá kept OPA! at the front of my mind for many months. Somehow it took me almost an entire year to actually make it back and finally try them.

The place is pretty small (although at least 3 times the size of their original location that I first visited) and my sister and I arrived at the height of lunchtime rush hour. Fortunately we didn't have to wait too long for a couple of stools to open up at the bar. We opted for the Megapolis Mixto - a combo of 2 pork and chicken gyros, 2 bags of homemade chips, and 2 drinks. Perfect and affordable - $20,000 for the two person combo.

The pita-like bread is fresh, supple, and has a very lightly toasted surface - just enough for it to crack a bit when folded and unveil the soft center of the bread. First on the pita comes a generous spread of their yoghurt sauce, which looked and tasted a lot like tatziki to me.

Next came the chicken and pork that is marinated and cooked on the ubiquitous, vertical rotating spit used for several kinds of kebabs, shawarma, gyros, taquitos al pastor, etc. All resulting in really tasty, slighly charred, moist and evenly cooked meats.

On top of the meat comes some pickled red onions, super fresh lettuce, tomato, and a dusting of paprika. All this goodness comes wrapped in wax paper printed to look like a Greek newspaper (very cute detail). Remembering the combination of flavors right now is making my mouth water.

The staff was friendly and very efficient which is very refreshing with the sometimes sub par service that is all too common these days. The rest of the menu including sides and appetizers looks very enticing as well but I´ll have to try them another day. All in all OPA is a great spot and as far as I can tell, the most authentic Greek gyro in Colombia or at least Bogotá. Can´t wait to get back...I´m hungry!

OPA! Gyros
Carrera 14 # 90- 03


  1. Anonymous10/8/09 18:27

    No se donde mas escribirte pero te agradezco mucho por tu articulo sobre Opa


  2. Dear Panagiotis,
    My father is a friend of them, his name is Panagiotis L.and would like to speak with them because we will be to latin america (lima, peru)at the end of january 2010.