The blog is back! With news of the Sydney International Food Festival • October 2009

Here's a link to a web site where you can take a look at the really creative Edible Food Flag publicity campaign for the Sydney Food Fest. Each country has its flag made with foods typical to that country's cuisine.

I'm going to make my own Colombian one this weekend. I have the yellow and red all figured out....but what to do about the blue?

Any suggestions?


  1. Anonymous15/9/09 15:46

    Great to see the blog is back, I will be checking in more often. Suggestions for blue..... depending on what you have thought for the yellow and red maybe blueberries, blue potatoes, blue corn chips, edible flowers like pansies.., blue grapes not many to pick from and some people consider most of the things on the list as purple but maybe it will help.

  2. For the Blue, you could try a real Dry Martini prepared with Bombay "Saphire" Gin, drank by some Eric Clapton Blues..........JMH

  3. All the suggestions sound great...especially the martini...haha.

    Thank you and one day soon the "flag" will get made, photographed and....eaten!!!