Indian Restaurant Flor de Loto in Bogotá

Indian Restaurant Flor de Loto has been around for about 6 years but I only just "discovered" it a few months ago as I was walking down the street with my sister. I think our reaction went something like, "Does that sign say Indian restaurant!!??? Here? In Bogotá? OMG, we have to go!" 

I've always loved Indian food and even more so since I got to go there in 2007 but, I don't cook it very often because sometimes the list of ingredients just seems a little too overwhelming. However, if there is a chance to eat it already prepared, I am more than happy to indulge.

We learned from our waiter that Chef Pankaj Kunar prepares all the dishes himself and quite well, I might add. Everything we ate was great and I would definitely recommend it even if it wasn't the one and only Indian restaurant that I knew of in the city.

So here's what we ordered on our first visit: to start, Vegetable Samosas served with spicy mango sauce and cilantro chutney. For the main course we had Chicken Vindaloo, Lamb Rogan Josh, Mushroom Masala Curry, and Malai Kofta Curry (meatballs stuffed with raisins and almonds). Out of all four, the Malai Kofta Curry won - hands down. The flavors were incredible, the little meatballs were moist and tender...really good stuff.

To accompany all these delicacies we had a couple of baskets of delicious Indian breads like paratha, chapati and naan. And finally for dessert a typically sweet Gulab Jamun. I love this dessert because it kind of reminds me of mini buñuelos except that they are completely soaked through with an aromatic, spice-infused syrup (just sweet enough for a sweet-tooth like me!).

So, there it is. Great Indian cuisine in Bogotá. Flor de Loto, I am so happy to have found you.

Calle 90 # 17-31
Tel: 617-0142

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